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Theater Lovers & Movie Goers
Plan a fun and affordable weekend trip while staying with us at The Looking Glass. After checking in at our bed and breakfast take a short drive to the
Rhinebeck Performing Arts Center for a late night show and witness the
spectacular productions all of which are performed by local, national, and
international talent. Sit back and be enthralled by astounding performances of
The Death of a Salesman, Cabaret, or Into the Woods. The Performing Arts
Center ’s shows are usually presented in the afternoon and evening hours on
Fridays and weekends.

After a well rested night and a tasty breakfast, make your way over to the
Richard B. Fisher Center for the Performing Arts at Bard College . There you
will experience a vibrant atmosphere, full of thrill-seeking entertainment and
programs in jazz music, theater, dance, and orchestra. Don’t miss a rare
opportunity to be charmed by Beethoven’s first five symphonies or three, one
act operas. Purchase tickets now to the Bard Summerscape and discover the
music created by the famous composer, Alban Berg.

Grab a quick bite to eat at any one of Rhinebeck’s charming restaurants and
amble on over to Upstate Films where you will view aesthetic films with rich
content. Upstate films show independent, international, documentary,
animation, and silent films. Upstate films, demonstrates a devotion to bringing
cultural films that are hardly ever screened in this country to a semi-rural
area. They are open seven days a week, year round, with about 700 shows
per year.

Once you have viewed a spectacular motion picture travel a half a mile down
and dine at Ariel, a well-known French restaurant. Set in the center of the
Village of Rhinebeck , Ariel is famous for mouth-watering foods and authentic
ambience. You will discover a relaxed environment where you can enjoy a
private dinner to end your weekend trip.

Over The Water
Are you ready to enjoy the magic that the Hudson Valley has to offer? Watch
the sun rise as you stroll across the famous Walkway over the Hudson , sit
back and appreciate the quiet ambiance of The Culinary Institute of America,
sight see at the historic Vanderbilt Mansion , or simply take pleasure in a
romantic dinner at The Rhinecliff. You can do all of this in one day, while only
traveling a few miles from our bed and breakfast.

To begin your daytrip join the many men and women who have already
discovered the newest attraction, The Walkway over the Hudson . This
historical landmark was originally built in the 19th century and served as a
transport for soldiers braving their souls in WWI. Today, it is quite simply
known as a technological wonder of the Hudson Valley . Since it opened in
October, many have witnessed the breathtaking views while walking, biking,
and even rollerblading. The walkway is open from 7am till sunset.

Next make your way over to the Culinary Institute of America and explore a
world of flavor. Experience varied cuisines and palatable dishes at their five
award winning restaurants. Discover their American Bounty Restaurant and
enjoy American foods creatively prepared with ingredients from our own
Hudson Valley and beyond. Dine at their Escoffier Restaurant and take
pleasure in delectable French cuisine. Savor Italy ’s authentic dishes at their
famous Ristorante Caterina de’ Medici. Taste the scrumptious cakes and
savor the heavenly croissants at their Apple Pie Bakery Café. If a charming
restaurant with a casual atmosphere is what you are looking for then try their
St. Andrew’s Café which perfectly highlights the farm to table experience.
Reservations are not necessary for lunch but are advised for dinner.

After indulging at The Culinary Institute of America take a short drive to the
Vanderbilt Mansion and expand your knowledge of this historical site. Be
taken away by the spectacular architecture, the stunning interior and the
remarkable landscape. Challenge your imagination as you travel through time
and experience the cultural wonders of the years after the civil war. Tours of
the mansion and estate are available from sunrise to sunset. After a leisurely
walk through the formal gardens, a quick hike through the carriage trails, and
a spectacular view of the sunset end your daytrip with a dinner at The
Rhinecliff. Enjoy classic European elegance in a friendly atmosphere at The
Rhinecliff Hotel which is conveniently only miles from our bed and breakfast
and offers a striking view of the Hudson River .

Driving Tour

Begin your stay in the Hudson Valley by visiting one of our most famous
historical sites, Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Library and Museum. The library was
founded by Roosevelt himself and was America ’s first presidential library. Its
purpose is to promote research and education of the era in which Franklin
Roosevelt lived. Explore the many exhibits that are presented in the
Roosevelt ’s Museum. Walk through the doors of our nations past and witness
the building blocks of the living history that Franklin Roosevelt helped to
create. Immerse yourself in fascinating multimedia shows, study artifacts of
the 20th century, and become face to face with important documents that
helped carve our history. Become aware of the many programs that are open
to the public, such as the annual reenactment of the Roosevelt ’s USO Show,
Roosevelt Reading Festival in June, film programs, and author talks and
signings. The Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Library and Museum is open year
round with hours of operation varying.

After taking a stroll through history take a drive and grab lunch at Wild Hive
Farms, located in Clinton Corners. Enjoy foods that are produced locally and
organically across the Hudson Valley . Start off with tasty Sauerkraut with
sausage and a side of a leafy green salad. Quench your thirst with apple
cider and finish off with a sinful slice of homemade chocolate raspberry cake.

While in Clinton Corners be sure to visit the Clinton Vineyards. Take a dive
into the warm and welcoming environment that this vineyard has to offer. Visit,
and be blown away by the historic Dutch barns and the breath taking
landscape. Take a walk through the vineyard and stop by the charming wine
tasting room. Stroll through the gardens with your family or friends and
become enchanted by the peacefulness that the Clinton Vineyards are known

When you have seen all you can see at the Clinton Vineyards make your way
back to our Bed and Breakfast and rest your feet with a hot cup of tea.
Unwind in our charming sitting area and when the evening rolls around dine at
Gigi Trattoria where you will be served superior local foods and drinks. Treat
yourself with Italian dishes, fresh pasta, homemade "skizzas" and delicious
antipasti. Reservations for parties greater than 6.

With a full stomach and pleasant memories make this an end to your day trip.
Return to The Looking Glass, get a good nights sleep, and in the morning
enjoy our thoughtfully prepared breakfast.

On The Water

Have you ever wanted to experience nature hands on? Maybe you’d just like
to try something new. Take a vacation from the hustle and bustle of your
everyday lives and let your imagination wonder as you paddle up and down
on the Hudson River . Take a drive to Rhinecliff, which is not far from The
Looking Glass, and begin a kayaking tour and while having a fun, safe, and
exciting experience in the peacefulness of the outdoors. Pack a snack,
breathe the morning air, and watch the sunrise while you paddle your way
through the open water to the quiet coves. The kayak tours are perfect for
any skill level.

After you have worked your muscles on the river, satisfy your stomach with a
Mediterranean lunch at Gigi Trattoria, an award winning restaurant in
Rhinebeck. Savor Mediterranean dishes prepared with seasonal ingredients
from farms and gardens right here in the Hudson Valley . Gigi Trattoria offers
an inviting, warm, yet informal environment.

With a full stomach and satisfied taste buds cross the river to the Kingston,
Hudson River Cruises where you will discover the beauty and scenic Hudson
Valley. Relax on the deck of the charming Rip Van Winkle cruise boat. This is
a perfect opportunity to sightsee the waterfront. An experienced guide will
show you extraordinary landmarks as well as sleepy villages that are nestled
into the shorelines of the Hudson River . You will notice the natural beauty of
many vineyards and orchards in addition to the scenic preservation sites.
Depending on the season you can catch glimpses of the autumn leaves or
fruit tree blossoms.

Before heading back to our bed and breakfast be sure to visit the many
boutiques Rhinebeck has to offer. In the middle of the village you will discover
Haldora which offers charming European-style clothes and accessories. If you
are looking for unique jewelry and a broad collection of elegant garments try
Winter Sun, which is also located in the center of the village. Hidden away
from the hustle and bustle of the town you will find Pique, a quiet store with
fabulous fashions available. Visit Merriweather's, which presents natural
soaps and skin care products that are made from natural vegetable oils,
herbs and essential oils.     

Top of the evening with a dinner at Terrapin. If you are in the mood for beer
braised lamb shank, grilled salmon, or roasted chicken, while enjoying classic
beauty, then be sure to dine at Terrapin while you are staying in historic
Rhinebeck. Reservations are recommended; visit their website for more